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Unitex 19th annual party speech Unitex 19th annual party speech

Unitex 19th annual party speech

JB8A0733.jpg Ladies and Gentlemen , good evening !Welcome to  SHA and welcome to Unitex New Year Party ! I  want to extend our best wishes to everybody : Happy  New Year!

 In the year of 2015, the Shipping Ind are the most  tough and difficult year I had seem in last 20 years.  The over capacity, Ice-Point of ocean freight,    Economic recession. Many logistics had reduce the  manpower or cool down the investment. But, The  year of 2015 is a remarkable year for Unitex, we  achieved 164,359 TEUS / 96,122 no of shipments /  USD162million turn over in 2015. All of these figures refreshed our old records.We are understanding through the hard year of 2015: UNITEX own a professional and excellent team .

Even though the market is hard ,we are still very confident that Unitex will do better than others. We believe : one team, one dream, which is our particular advantage and great wealth. Therefore, I believe that Unitex will definitely do better, because of our excellent team and the valued team spirit.How can we achieve?There is an old Chinese saying: when many help to gather firewood, the flames shoot high.

One point is the most important for Unitex: It is one team ,one dream ! 

My dear sisters & dear brothers , the challenge and the chance will be exist at this new year , i believe the work-hard and the success will be exist .We will continue to adhere to the pragmatic, hard-working style, and create glories performance .I need all our colleagues work hard together, I need our Overseas partners to co-operate with Unitex more and to create better performance.I believe we can do better together ! Last ,I wish everyone in Monkey year, good health, good happiness , goo biz and good luck in everything! Happy new year !

Thank you !